Collecting Electrodes


Particles captured in the flow of gas moves through a collector chamber or passage way having sets of collecting electrodes in the form of parallel plates, tube bundles or just collectors inside walls. The plates, tubes or inner wall acts as grounded electrodes that serves as particle collectors. Vibration is generated in the collecting electrodes to loosen the particles collected, loose particles then fall in the hoppers for collection and disposal. 
Collecting Electrodes are designed to provide quiescent zones to avoid the collected dust from entering in the gas stream. Collecting electrodes assures smooth gas distribution with a low pressure loss and min. expense on material.

ESP collecting plate
Collecting Plate ESP
ESP discharge electrode
emitting electrode esp
Discharge Electrodes / Emitting Electrodes


Discharge Electrodes are electrically insulated from other parts of chamber and charges with direct current. The electric charge ionizes the in-air particles, this makes particles move towards the collecting electrodes. Opposite high voltage (+ve & -ve) are charges on two plate grids. The positive charges the suspended particle and the negative grid attracts the particles. Discharge electrodes are main parts any Electrostatic precipitator, Features of discharges electrodes decides performance of ESP.
The discharge electrode design depends on various factors including the process for which the ESP is installed and the properties and composition of the flue gas.

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