Rapper Control Panel


Rapper Control Panels are also known as Micro Tapper Panel (MTP Panel)


The performance of ESP is improved with Systematic Controlled Rapper Panels. The Rapper Control Panel is generally used for cleaning ash partials or recovery like cement, Powder base material from Collecting Plates & Discharge Electrode trough Migi Rappers of Electrostatic Precipitator. Rapper Control Panel helps to work ESP smoothly. while the frequency and intensity of the rapper are controlled by Rapper Control System.


Systematic Controls supply two type of designs, Matrix Type & Individual Type Rapper Control System, depending on ESP manufacturer or end user. Our both type of Rapper control systems operate 1 to 255 Rappers & suitable 110V DC / 220V DC Rapper Coils. We also supply Rapper Diode Panel (RDP) for matrix type Rapper Panel & Rapper Junction Box for Individual type Rapper Control System.

Rapper Control System
Rapper Controller
Rapper Control Panel
ESP Rapper Panel
Transformer Rectifier Set


Transformer Rectifier Set are also known as TR Set.


Transformer Rectifier Set is one of the major equipment of the Electrostatic Precipitator. Transformer Rectifier set is used to convert the line input current and voltage into high voltage DC supply for the ESP. In the electrostatic precipitators electrodes at a high voltage generates corona effect i.e. ionized atmosphere, around it. This create charge in moving particles. Once charged, particles generate transverse electrostatic force that attracts them towards the collecting plates.


In the reduction of low resistivity particulate, It is well known that the use of a voltage waveform with low ripple is beneficial, as it generates corona power and which results in lower dust emission.

ESP Transformer Rectifier Panel
ESP Rectifier Transformer Panel
Rectifier Transformer Panel

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