MIGI Rapper Coils


Systematic Controls Deal is quality range of MIGI Rapper Coils for ESP.
Magnetic Impulse Gravity Impact Rappers Coils in short know as MIGI Rapper Coils are used in Electrostatic Precipitators (ESP) to transmit strong shearing forces on the Collecting Plates & Discharge Electrode in order to free deposited dust particles, In the rapping process helping to remove even the stickiest dust using vibrations generated by the rapper coils. While the frequency and intensity of the rapper are controlled by Rapper Control Panel. Because of the rappers impact ESP fields are kept clean for better performance  & dust layer fall which then accumulate into a hopper.

MIGI Rapper Coils for ESP
ESP Rapper coil spares

Product Details


Control Voltage
Cover Material
Paint Shade
Rapper Plunger / Shaft/ Piston Dimension






110V DC / 220V DC

2.7 Ω / 4 Ω / 4.3 Ω / 8.3 Ω

MS / Stainless steel SS304

Cast Base / Without Cast Base

IP 65

Powder coated with RAL7032 / RAL7035

Length: 380 mm X Dia. 62mm

Length: 407 mm X Dia. 60mm

Length: 457 mm X Dia. 57mm

With SS Base

MS Bright Bar with SS Base & Anti Rust Coating

MIGI Rapper Coil
Rapper Coil ESP
ESP Rapper coil spares
Rapper Coil Foam
Rapper Coil Accessories & Spares


MIGI Rapper comprises of a few components inside & outside for enabling the entire MIGI rapping system to dislodge the dust effectively. Systematic Controls provide rapper coil accessories & spares like Rapper Inside Foam, Rapper Terminal Block, Rapper Coil Base Studs, Rapper Diodes (Square & Stud Type), Rapper Plunger, Rapper Outer MS / SS / FRP Cover etc.

Hypalon Boot Seal


Hypalon Boot Seal is used to prevent air, water, dirt, metal particles & dust to enter into ESP penthouse through rapping shaft. This helps to avoid corrosion and damage to the shaft insulator.
Along with hypalon boot seal, rubber cover ring should also be installed at outside layer for the double protection from ambient environment and also to maintain penthouse temperature to specified range.

Hypalon Boot Seal
Rapper Coil Boot Seal
Rapper Earthing Braided Cables
Braided Earthing Cable
Rapper Earthing Braided Cables


Rapper earthing plays vital role in Rapper System. Main reason of diode failure in rapper diode panel or rapper output failure in rapper control panel is improper rapper earthing or unavailability of any earthing system. Usually regular cable earthing develops crack in short time due to Spark & high vibration. Whereas braided earthing cables are designed absorb spark and high vibrations. Therefore rapper shaft must be grounded using braided earthing cables for better life and performance of Rapper System. Systematic Controls manufacture best quality & long-lasting flexible earthing braided cables specially designed for Rapper coils.

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