Tumbling Hammer System


Tumbling Hammer System is also known as Motorized Rapping System. Tumbling Hammer System is controlled by TR Panel. Based on client demand we also provide Tumbling Hammer System with add on features like Hopper Heater Controllers, Insulator Heater Controllers, Purge Air Heater Controller, Purge Air Fan Controller, Rapping Motor Tripp Indicator, Purge Air Fan Tripp Indicator, High Temperature Indicator & Hopper Level High Indicator system in the same Control Panel. 
Tumbling hammer Rapping systems primary function is like that of MIGI Rapping system only, To reduce and prevent dust accumulation on the collecting plates and gas distribution screens.
Tumbling hammers are fitted to shaft at specific angles, which will be moved by motors and let the hammers hit the anvil of collecting plate framework at specific time period, to dislodge dust accumulation from metal surfaces. Performance of the tumbling hammer rapper system depends on the weight of tumbling hammer head and the rapping frequency.

Tumbling Hammer Spares
ESP Tumbling Hammer System
Tumbling Hammer System
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